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Recovery of Solvency and Bankruptcy

The Company's experts provide its clients with services in court and out-of-court procedures related to recovery of solvency or bankruptcy at various stages. Within the bankruptcy procedure, our company is successful in representing of debtors' and creditors' interests.

The experience of cooperation with the Bankruptcy State Department and skilled bankruptcy commissioners enables our company's lawyers to provide successfully the following package of services in recovery of solvency (bankruptcy):
1) At the pretrial procedure stage:
  • development and implementation of measures (reorganization, administrative, financial and economic, legal) intended to recovery of a debtor's solvency and prevention of bankruptcy
  • monitoring of the debtor's economic position
2) At the stage of administration of the debtor's assets court procedure :
  • representation and protection of creditors' and debtors' rights related to appointment and replacement of a bankruptcy commissioner (a manager of the debtor's assets), admitting of creditors' claims by court and approval of a list of creditors' claims
  • holding of creditor meetings, establishing of a creditor committee
3) At the stage of the reorganization court procedure:
  • recovery of the debtor's solvency (approval of the reorganization plan, appointment of an administrator, legal support of a company reorganization and other arrangements provided under the reorganization plan)
4) At the stage of the debtor's liquidation:
  • representation and protection of clients' property interests in detecting, evaluating and disposing of a bankrupt's assets, creditors' claims settlements according to the defined order of priorities, appeal of the administrator's actions and failures to act, etc.
  • representation of interests in impeaching and invalidating of transactions, concluded by debtors before the bankruptcy court proceedings commenced.
Court procedures of solvency recovery:
  •  OJSC Tchuguyev Fuel Equipment 
  •  OJSC Pervukhinskiy Sugar Mill