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Analysis of Financial Condition and Activity Results of Enterprises

The above services are aimed at analysis and assessment of the internal state of an enterprise according to the financial reporting data with a view to elaborating recommendations and creating forecasts as regards the enterprise’s changing financial environment.
This service particularly includes the following procedures:
  • Analysis of the financial condition, financial independence and economic resilience of the enterprise
  • Analysis of liquidity and solvency
  • Analysis of financial results and profitability
  • Dynamic analysis of the main indices which characterize the activity of the auditable subject
  • Turnaround analysis
  • Analysis of accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Analysis of productivity of key assets and circulating assets of an enterprise
  • Analysis of the income structure and behavior broken down by activity segments and key counterparties and by types of products
  • Analysis of cost structure and behavior broken down by elements and by activity segments
  • Analysis of the main investment projects of the enterprise, their achievement index, planned finishing dates and expected results
  • Diagnostics of bankruptcy
  • Analysis of contract conditions of the enterprise
  • Preparation of recommendations on how to improve the financial and economic condition. 
Analysis of the financial condition and activity results of enterprises will be useful in the following cases:
  • Purchase and sale of a business or a parcel of shares
  • Making a decision on attraction of investments
  • Analysis of investment attraction
  • Loan raising
  • Organization of effective management of company’s finances
  • As one of performance tests to evaluate an appointed business manager
  • Partner reliability evaluation
  • Optimization of company’s financial activity. 
There is a separate subtype of this service which is the determining of efficiency of selected types of activity or selected structural subdivisions of the enterprise.
The most interesting service in this field for enterprises which have structural subdivisions and various types of activity is the assessment of financial results from different types of activity and the results of activity of individual subdivisions. As a rule, a need in such work arises before changes are made to the organizational structure, before a decision is made on outsourcing of individual types of activity, as well as on other structural and organizational changes in the enterprise activity.
A report prepared by our company’s specialists will allow the company top management to evaluate the operating efficiency, to determine the company’s needs in borrowed costs, to evaluate the company’s ability to perform its financial obligations, to make a decision on investment and to provide grounds for other conclusions necessary to make optimal managerial decisions.