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Organizing a system for maintenance of tax records

When providing a service of organizing a system for maintenance of tax records, our experts are faced with the task of developing a tax accounting method for the Client which would provide for:

  • preparation of reliable tax reporting with bare possibility of errors, particularly by means of prevention of tax calculation errors
  • the most effective way of maintaining tax records with involvement of a minimum essential number of specialists, resulting in minimum expenses
  • selection of the most effective business activity blueprints in terms of taxation
The above goals are achieved by developing:
  • tax ledgers with maximum use of accounting data, making sure that accounting functions are not duplicated
  • a document flow system which would provide for a timely, complete and reliable information for calculation of taxes
  • a technique which would reflect in the tax records the main types of business operations and/or complicated (from taxation point of view) business operations
  • a system of interaction between services and specialists which would allow duly qualified and informed people to participate in decision-making
  • techniques for testing tax accounting income and expense, particularly by comparing tax accounting data with accounting information
  • rules for interaction with inspecting authorities which would: allow only legitimate inspections to be carried out at the enterprise, ensure that all the information on the documents and all the inspector’s explanations, as well as all the information on the course and results of the inspection is kept with a person (persons) in charge. These measures make it possible to significantly decrease the number of violations included in the inspection report, to ensure that a series of violations are avoided at the stage of appeal procedures in the tax authorities.
The following enterprises were, in particular, our clients which were provided services of organizing a tax accounting system or its separate elements:
  • ОАО "Sumskoye Mashinostroitelnoye Nauchno-Proizvodstvennoye Obyedineniye im. M.V. Frunze” (Sumy Machine-Building Scientific and Manufacturing Association named after M.V. Frunze OJSC) (heavy machine-building)
  • “Naftogaz Ukrainy” National Joint-Stock Company (national operation of Ukraine’s gas market which controls production, transportation and sales of gas)
  • “Energoatom” National Nuclear Power Generating Company (national operator of the electric power market which comprises all the nuclear power plants in Ukraine). 
System organization services have also been provided to a number of smaller enterprises which operate in the advertisement and telecommunication areas