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Competition and Antitrust Laws

The Company’s lawyers’ counseling help clients achieve the intended objective and avoid violations of competition and antitrust laws in acquiring of companies’ shareholdings, mergers and acquisitions, establishing of companies, effecting of activities by enterprises-monopolists and natural monopoly entities, arranging of tenders, including on tenant, concession, management rights.  

The Company’s lawyers specialize in provision of the following services related to the area of competition and antitrust laws: 
  • counseling and representing of clients’ interests in protection against unethical competition, including unauthorized use of commercial names, trade marks, advertisement materials, publications of deceiving, inaccurate or incomplete information 
  • development of a internal regulatory documents intended to prevent disclosure of confidential information, protection of parties’ interests in disputes over illegal gathering, use and disclosure of confidential information
  • counseling on observation of laws related to abusive use of monopolistic (dominant) market position, and counseling on risks related to the business activity , which can be considered as anticompetitive measures
  • analysis and structuring of agreements and conditions of contracts with the objective to reduce risks of antitrust and economic competition law violations
  • counseling on most efficient models of acquisition of companies or controlling companies, concentration of capital
  • protection of client's interests against antitrust actions of state and municipal authorities
  • preparation of the documents required to obtain preliminary opinions and approvals for economic concentration, as well as obtaining of such opinions and approvals
  • representation of the clients' interests in authorities of the Antitrust Committee of Ukraine, including the hearing of cases related to violations of antitrust and economic competition protection laws