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Economic Law

PRUDENS provides a wide range of services in the area of economic law, which are intended for representatives of all market segments and economic agent market participants irrespectively of production volumes, location and ranges of activities.

Our Company is offering the following legal services in the area of economic law:
1) Execution of contract work, including the following:
a) engineering and support of contract (agreement) making processes:
  • compilation and analysis of regulatory acts required to draft a contract
  • drafting a contract in compliance with the requirements of the applicable legislation, client's interests and requirements applicable to settling of such documents
  • structuring of complex transactions to ensure a maximum protection of our client's interests
  • legal support of contract negotiations
  • settlement of precontractual disputes
b) work with concluded contracts:
  • effecting of a comprehensive legal due diligence of a contract (compliance with the applicable legislation, potentiality of invalidation, guaranteeing of the client's rights, taxation, sanctions, other consequences)
  • counseling on potential risk reductions under the contracts
  • implementation of the action plan intended for fulfillment of the contract, including legal measures to enforce penalties on counterparties in case they breach the contractual provisions
  • administration of claims under the contracts
2) Legal support of commercial (trade) and other transactions with participation of foreign entities
3) Structuring of trade transactions with participation of foreign entities to reduce compulsory payments, including customs duties and fees, to a minimum level
4) Counseling on customs regulation issues and export-import operations
5) Legal assistance in patenting, licensing and certification of transactors' activities and in compliance with other requirements of the authorization system
6) Support of registration, reorganization and liquidation of enterprises of all organizational legal forms
7) Advisory and settlement of conflict situations of businesses at the stage of court enforcement actions