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About us

The history of PRUDENS companies takes its rise practically along with the uprise of our state's sovereignty, as in 1992 a legal and auditing companies were established with the intention to facilitate development of Ukrainian business in the conditions of conceptually new relations. 

Today PRUDENS is one of select few companies at the Ukrainian market with a competence in providing of comprehensive services in a advisory field, namely legal, management, fiscal advising and financial statement auditing. It ensures a timely and an opportune concentration of the required experts' efforts to provide help to our clients.
PRUDENS is a company of honest, professional and versatile people, including professional and experienced legal advisers, lawyers, certified auditors, Ph. Ds in Economics, SAP certified experts, referees. Today the Company incorporates 20 experts and is in an on-going search for intelligent, energetic people with new ideas.
In over than fifteen years of our practice we faced numerous obstacles for business of both Ukrainian and foreign companies in Ukraine. It resulted in our wide experience and knowledge, which is required to resolve actually any legal and economic problems related to business activities. Our Company is successful and efficient in provision of services in the fields of corporate, economic and fiscal law, in legal defense, effecting of due diligence, support of investment projects and public private partnership projects, in auditing of companies, financial and management advisory services.
Our Company's hallmark is a custom-tailored service and the absolute confidentiality. PRUDENS always takes responsibility for the quality and consequences of the services provided to our clients.
Through our history, we have earned an impeccable reputation among our clients and recognition of colleagues. The qualification, high quality of services, reliability and priority of client's interests, a comprehensive approach, mobility and operational efficiency in resolving problems are integral parts of our success, which fully ensure Freedom of Your Decisions.
A long ago discovered approach to work at the interface of the economics and law became a passport to success in our cases. However, we continue to develop along with new targets and challenges of the time.
In April 2002, the Company's activity was distinguished by the Award Committee of the European Marketing Research Center at the annual Euromarket Business Forum in Brussels. The Consulting Group PRUDENS received the Euromarket award for the significant achievements in business and the high quality of services.
We are often told that we are different from the rest of Ukrainian companies, and we are proud of it. Our customers become our friends and we set a high value on this.
Today we take a pride in our long-standing partnership with such giants of the Ukrainian economy as OJSC Sumy Machine-Building Research and Manufacturing Combine named for M.V. Frunze (heavy engineering construction), National JSC Naftogaz of Ukraine (a national provider of the Ukrainian natural gas market), National Enegry Producing JSC Enegroatom (a national provider of the energy market). PRUDENS's experts were engaged in a joint project of the EU and Ukraine for reforming of the operation system of the Ukrainian natural gas transportation system (INOGATE Project) the experts were engaged as legal advisors in the project for establishing of the international natural gas consortium, and developed the concept to introduce the public private partnership into the natural gas distribution industry of Ukraine.
We care about Ukraine's future, therefore we use the accumulated practical knowledge to improve the legal framework of our state. The ever-increasing active involvement in lawmaking is our pride and contribution into the Ukrainian people's future. Our implemented projects include the engagement in the working groups for development of the draft laws of Ukraine On Joint Stock Companies, On State and Private Business Partnership, On Reestablishing Debtor Solvency or Declaring It Bankrupt, On Self-regulation, On Audit Activity, On Concessions, as well as development of other legislative instruments intended to improve the business environment in Ukraine.

For the passed two years, we have been the official legal partner for the Foundation for Effective Governance, which was established to develop and implement long-term national economic programs.